The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates started applying Value Added Tax from January 1, 2018, at the rate of 5 percent, while every other GCC countries are expected to follow the similar rule in the future.

As Value Added Tax is the new thing in the region, it is essential for a business organization to understand and follow these new regulations to avoid any penalties related to VAT which could go up to AED 50,000.

Here are five tips that business owners should follow to avoid financial penalties that might be imposed due to improper record keeping or violations errors:

Register for VAT

Every firm offering taxable services or goods with yearly revenue of AED 367,000 or more is required to register itself VAT. However, firms with yearly revenue of 200,000 also have the option of registering themselves with VAT.

Keep track of every transaction

To all the firms and businesses that reach the minimum turnover limit, this law requires them to register and keep track of their financial transactions, i.e. business income, costs and other VAT charges while making sure everything is up to date.

Collect VAT

Every business works as a government agent for the collection of tax, by collecting VAT from their clients in exchange for their products and services.

File VAT return

A firm requires filing monthly VAT returns if its annual turnover is over 150 million AED. Firms below this level require filing VAT returns quarterly.

Hire an expert consultancy services

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Here is how Alkhadim LLC will help you avoid VAT penalties:

At Alkhadim LLC, you can get your hands on several different services that are prepared to meet your specific requirements. From the beginning of VAT implementation in UAE back in 2018, our team of experts has guided several well-known names in the industry to avoid tax-related issues and avoid VAT penalties effortlessly.

1. Professional VAT consultation:

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3. VAT returns filing facility:

As per the latest tax regulations the filing of the VAT returns has also become compulsory. If you make in delays or errors in filing VAT tax, then you will be subjected to pre-scribed penalty according to UAE’s VAT regulation infringement. Alkhadim LLC can help you file your VAT returns properly to avoid such penalties.

4. Legal assistance:

Even if you are subjected to VAT regulation infringement, you can still avail the help of Alkhadim LLC. Alkhadim LCC is also equipped with a team of legal experts who can assist you in managing all the tax-related issues precisely.

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