VAT Registration Services

Alkhadim LLC provides complete Online VAT Registration services in Dubai, UAE that includes online VAT registration and return filing without any hassle

Online VAT Registration Services

Gone are the days of manual things. These days most of the things are done online. Like is the VAT registration. Alkhadim LLC is giving online VAT registration service UAE to the organizations and individuals online. Business in UAE needs to have turnover more than AED 375,000/- from 1st January 2018. Online VAT registration is done at an online portal provided by the Federal Tax Authority. There are so many formalities related to VAT registration. But you need not worry when Alkhadim LLC is with you. We will guide you through each step of online registration and other VAT services in Dubai.

Alkhadim LLC – Online Service for VAT Return

Filing VAT return has become easy with Alkhadim. You just need to go to the Federal Tax Authority Portal and fill a form VAT 201 online. Online VAT return must be filed within 28 days from the end of the tax period. This time limit to File VAT return in UAE is prescribed by FTA. Moreover, there is a prescribed format of FTA for VAT return online. All this must be sounding difficult but this is just for your information. Alkhadim LLC will fulfill each and every step of VAT return. Just give us the relevant information and sit back at home.

Learn Online VAT filing Service Procedure

The online VAT filing process is very easy to learn. People who are not habitual of using online methods may hesitate while VAT filing online. But with Alkhadim, leave all your hesitations. We will not only provide VAT filing services UAE but also will guide you to do it yourself. Your difficult tasks will seem easy. A VAT return is filed quarterly as well as Monthly. Usually, many businesses in Dubai prefer to file return quarterly and very less number of businesses file return monthly. Whether you file return monthly or quarterly, ALkhadim LLC will be there to ensure that everything is accurate.

Value Added Tax(VAT) Implementation

The VAT is implemented in the UAE with effect from 1st January 2018. VAT (Value Added Tax) is an indirect tax which is charged at all level of supply of goods or services. Businesses need to take significant steps for VAT implementation in UAE into their operations. Alkhadim proposes assistance to businesses for VAT implementation in Dubai, as well as in the entire UAE

Documents Required for Online VAT Registration Services 

  • A document defining authorized signatory like passport, ID Proof
  • Copy of trade license of your business
  • Official Documents like Certificate of Incorporation, Article of Association, etc.
  • Detailed explanation of business activities
  • Last one-year turnover
  • Bank account details
  • Turnover Projections
  • Value of Imports for one year
  • Value of Exports for one year
  • Custom registration document

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